LLB, Attorney, Executive Masters degree in Business Administration, University of St. Gallen (EMBA HSG)
Registered, Attorney Registry of the
Canton of Lucerne

Fields of activity

- General contract law
- Business and corporate law
- Association and foundation law
- Establishment and development of companies
- Inheritance planning
- Restructuring
- Settlement of natural and legal persons
  in Switzerland
- Strategy consultation and seminars for SMEs
- Administration of organizations and associations

What the team says about Hugo
Hugo is versatile and uncomplicated, full of ideas and ambitious goals. He places high demands on himself and on his surroundings and is always willing to make the impossible possible. He loves taking on tricky problems and challenges, and, thanks to his always amazing general knowledge, he is able to quickly obtain an overview of what’s important. Hugo is very well connected, an excellent communicator, a strong negotiator, has strength and perseverance while maintaining his sense of fairness and humour, and always surprises his colleagues with unanticipated and unconventional ideas and solutions.
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