«Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.»
Oscar Wilde
Our fee is typically based on total working hours, and is determined at the time a mandate is agreed, in order to ensure that the billing is always transparent. The hourly rate depends on the value of the interest involved and the degree of difficulty of the individual case.  Naturally, a limit on expenses can be agreed upon, as can a flat-rate fee for individual services, which will facilitate your budgeting. An 7.7% VAT will be added to all prices. The outlay for administrative support is included in the hourly rate.

As a rule, we agree a, payment on account process with clients. Invoices are always accompanied by an itemized description of costs and expenditures.

If you have taken out legal protection insurance, please consult with your insurance company first to see whether and to what extent the costs of a lawsuit will be covered by the insurance and whether you are free to choose your attorneys and are permitted to hire an attorney yourself. Please request a written confirmation of coverage.

If you do not have sufficient means to pay for legal representation and the costs of the proceedings, we can apply to the court for free legal aid in some circumstances. In all cases, the prerequisites for this are the client’s complete lack of resources and the likelihood of success of the litigation.

We look forward to talking to you. We offer a free initial consultation for new clients, during which we get to know each other and determine your requirements, your objective and the next steps.

– SRL NR. 265 Ordinance about costs for civil, criminal and administrative law proceedings (Legal Fee Regulation) Link
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